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Ulundhu Kali | Urad Dhal Halwa | Sweetened Black Gram Halwa

Ulundhu Kali | Urad Dhal Halwa | Sweetened Black Gram Halwa is an authentic, traditional South Indian dish. First and foremost word, I want to tell about this dish is …it is not a gorgeous | appetizing one to bring waters in your mouth but words are scarce to say about its health benefits. A healthy thickened porridge, called “Kali” in Tamil, is usually  prepared during the occasion when girls attain their puberty since it is believed to strengthen the pelvic and back bones. It is very good for girls in their teens, lactating moms, ladies in menopause, etc. Every household in Tamil Nadu have their own proportion for preparing the base flour for this kali and here is my version.
  • Black urad dhal  - 1 cup
  • Raw rice – ¼ cup
  • Jaggery - ½ cup to ¾ cup
  • Gingelly oil | Ghee – 1 to 2 tbsp
  • Water  - 2 cups + 1 cup + ½  cup

For preparing Ulundu Kali Flour:
  1. In a thick bottomed kadai, dry fry urad dhal in slow fire until you get nice aroma & remove. In the same kadai, fry rice till its colour changes. 
  2. Cool  and powder both in a mixie or flour mill.

For preparing Ulundu Kali:
  1. Melt jiggery in ½  cup of water and strain the impurities. Keep it aside.
  2. Take a cup of kali flour in a mixing  bowl,  add a cup of water and prepare a thick batter without any lumps. Keep it aside.
  3. Boil  2 cups of water in a thick bottomed kadai and bring it to rolling boil.
  4. Now, keeping the fire in simmer, slowly add the urad dhal batter, mixing it quickly with a wooden spatula so that lumps will not be formed.
  5. After the mixture gets thickened and becomes glossy, add the jiggery syrup and mix well.
  6. Cook in medium flame till the mixture reaches halwa consistency.

Your Ulundu Kali is ready. Now you pour the kali in  a serving plate, dig a hole in the middle, drizzle some gingelly oil | ghee over this and start eating from the outer layer when  hot.

  • It is believed that Ulundu when combined with gingelly oil will give you the whole benefit of eating this kali. If you don’t like you can add ghee also.
  • It is always tastier to eat hot kali, so make it in small quantity.
  • The kali flour can be stored for 3 to 6 months like our regular rice flour.
  • White urad dhal can also be used with the same measurements to prepare Ulundu kali flour.
  • You can also use palm jaggery instead of jaggery.

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