Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kalkandu Vadai

Kalkandu Vadai/ Sweet medhu vadai is one of the most delicious Chettinad recipe served in all Chettiyar marriages and they will make this recipe for all auspicious occasions like Diwali, Pillayar Nonbu, etc. Traditionally it was made with crystal sugar candy (Kalkandu) , hence the name “Kalkandu Vadai”. Now a days, sugar is substituted in place of kalkandu.

Very simple recipe with minimum ingredients and easy to prepare.

  •  Urad dhal         - 1cup
  •  Raw rice          - 1 tbsp
  •  Kalkandu (crushed) – ¾ cup or                                                                                  Sugar               - ¾ cup
  •  Oil to fry

            Wash and soak urad dhal and raw rice for about 2 hours.  Grind  urad dhal without adding water because while adding sugar, the batter will become watery. After grinding urad dhal to fine batter, add sugar and grind well.
            Pour oil in a kadai , ensure that oil gets heated up to medium heat. Then take out the batter, flatten it like ulundu vada with hole at the centre and drop gently into the oil. Fry these vadais in slow fire till the bubbles subside. Take out the vadais  and serve it hot. The vadais will be good even when it is cold.
  1.    Care should be taken while adding water to grind urad dhal.
  2.    Vadais need to be fried in slow fire, otherwise it will turn into black.
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