Friday, January 16, 2015

In the Media....Malligai Magal

My collection of recipes in Malligai Magal…

I know I had been a bit lazy the last 3 months.  I posted rarely and the front page was quite static. But I came to lament this and told my friend that I never even posted  about  my supplementary feature in Malligai Magal.  When 2014 was about to get over, my friend asked me a good question.  “Have you decided to post only 68 posts in a year?”.  Only then I realized that my blog had 68 posts in 2013  as well as  2014. What a coincidence?!!! But it is not a coincidence I’m proud of.  In 2013, I had posted 68 in a span of about only 5 months,  but in 2014, I made the same number in 12 months...  Anyway this year I don’t want to do the same. I'm sure  that this drought of posts is over.

It is old news by now but I wanted to tell you that my recipes have been featured in Malligai Magal for three consecutive months (October, November & December).

Expecting all of your support in the forth coming years too…

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