Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to prepare kozhukattai flour?

Vinayaka Chathurthi is fast approaching and all of you will scratch your heads to make different kolukattais to offer to "Modhaga Priyan"  Ganesha. Any kolukattai needs a basic thing i.e. kozhukattai flour.  I hope this post will be useful to get ready for making kozhukattai on 9th Sep, 2013, Right?

How to prepare rice flour for kolukattai? I know , you will be asking , who has time to do all these things? But it purely depends on our mindset. If you start doing it, get comfortable with the process, you won’t go for store bought items. Ok? Let us go for the method.

There are many methods of preparing kolukattai flour, I’ll list all of them. You may choose the method which suits you the best.

Method 1:
Wash and soak the rice in  water  for about 30-45 mins. Drain the water completely and dry it by spreading on white cloth under fan for an hour. Grind the rice in flour mill, again dry it completely under the fan, sieve it  and store it. This flour you can prepare in advance.

Method 2:
Clean the rice and wipe it with a clean towel.  Grind it in the flour mill or mixie . sieve it well. In a thick bottomed kadai, dry fry the flour till it gets heated. Cool it and store it. This also can be made in advance.

Method 3:
Wash and soak the rice in water for about an hour. Grind it in a mixie/grinder, depending on the quantity, by adding enough water and required salt. Take a thick bottomed kadai, pour 2 tbsp of gingelly oil, pour the rice batter (it should be watery) and stir quickly to avoid lump formation. Sauté until the moisture from the batter dries out thereby forming a ball like mass. Switch off, cool and knead the batter well, keep it covered  in wet cloth for 10 minutes. Then use it for making kozhukattai.

Method 4:
Go to the Departmental store, choose and buy Kozhukattai/idiyappam flour from any brand of your choice!!!
I am guessing that most of you would go for the 4th method… Am I right?

Raw rice has to be used for making Kolukattai flour.

Of all the above methods, the first & third method will give you soft Kolukattais! 

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  1. I think u have started this blog at right time. Becoz festive seasons are lined up and ur recipes also.